What makeup brands are used?

A wide variety of makeup brands are used. These include Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Revlon, Ben Nye, MAC, Maybelline, Nars, Fenty Beauty and Black Opal to name a few.

The brands chosen for each client are based on the individual needs of the client, which includes and is not limited to, the client’s skin type, any allergies the client may have, the coverage required and the purpose of the makeup.

Do you use non-comedogenic makeup?

Yes, non-comedogenic makeup brands are utilised if necessary or requested.

What is included in a makeup application?

Makeup applications include:

  • Skin preparation (cleansing, toning, moisturising and priming the skin)
  • Brow shaping via shaving/plucking (if necessary) 
  • The full makeup application (brow sculpting, an eyeshadow look, applying foundation, highlighting/contouring, setting with face powder, applying blush/highlighter, applying lipstick/lip gloss, using setting spray)
  • A pair of mink strip lashes are also provided and applied.

If I do not want strip lashes or bring my own, will it cost less?

No, it will not cost less. We see strip lashes as a bonus. Thus, the cost of the strip lashes included in your makeup service is absorbed by the business. If you do not want the strip lashes provided or bring your own, the cost remains the same.

Can I bring my own makeup and have it applied? 

No. Strict hygienic practices are conducted involving the sanitisation of all products used between clients and the prohibited use of products beyond their expiration date. Since these factors cannot be guaranteed for a client’s personal makeup, no personal makeup is utilised.

Do you do house calls?

Yes, house calls are provided for makeup services only. The cost of applications on location can be viewed when you schedule an appointment.

Do you travel to countries outside of Barbados?

Providing services outside of Barbados is not currently offered.

How far in advance should I book a makeup appointment?

You are advised to reserve your appointment as soon as you are certain of the date and time you will need it. We accept reservations as far out as twelve (12) months for weddings and six (6) months for all other makeup appointments. A reservation becomes officially booked with the payment of the required deposit.

Lash Extensions

How long do lash extensions last?

Novalash® adhesives are used for all lash extension services. These adhesives are 2 times as effective as the leading competitors, allowing extensions to remain bonded to the natural lashes for as long as the natural lashes live. Lashes extensions, therefore, can last up to ninety (90) days. This does not apply to the entire full set as shedding of the natural lashes will occur. As each natural lash sheds, the lash extension will shed along with it. The average person sheds 1-5 lashes per day.

How often should you get refills?

To maintain a full/voluminous look constantly, refills are recommended every 2 to 3 weeks. Up to 4 weeks after the initial set is the longest period of time you should wait to get a refill.

Do extensions damage the natural lashes?

No, once properly applied and maintained, lash extensions should not cause any damage to your natural lashes. Natural lashes should grow and thrive with extensions due to the application technique used. 

How do I maintain the lash extensions?

Proper maintenance of your lash extensions includes:

  • Brushing them daily with your lash wand.
  • Cleaning them gently to avoid buildup.
  • Avoiding rubbing your eyes and/or picking at your lashes.
  • Avoiding sleeping with your face pressed against your pillow or your arm.
  • Avoiding face products with glycol.
  • Not using waterproof mascara.

Can I wear mascara with the lash extensions?

Wearing mascara is not necessary with lash extensions nor is it advised, especially waterproof mascara. Prior to your refill, if your extensions are very sparse and you choose to wear mascara, water-soluble mascara should be used.


Why should you get PhiBrows or PhiSombre done?

You may consider having PhiBrows/PhiSombre done if:

  • You are tired of constantly filling in your brows or have difficulty doing so.
  • You have naturally sparse or over plucked brows.
  • You suffer from hair loss.
  • You want to spend less time getting ready.

Is the process painful?

Most clients have described the process as annoying, more so than painful, and liken it to having the brows tweezed. Every client’s level of sensitivity is different. Topical anesthetics are used throughout the procedures to help minimize any discomfort

How long do the brows last?

For both PhiBrows and PhiSombre, the procedures provide you with semi-permanent tattoos which means they will not last as long as regular tattoos would. Without any external or internal factors, they can last up to three (3) years. Factors, such as, your skin type, your lifestyle, our tropical climate, the use of some medications, having regular facial treatments and so on can affect the longevity. Clients are therefore required to have their brows touched up annually.

Will the colour change over time?

The highest quality pigments are used to avoid the colour changing over time. The vibrancy of the ink, however, will gradually fade and soften. Hence, the need for the recommended annual touchup. 

Are touchups provided for tattoos previously done elsewhere?

No, tattoos done by another artist must be significantly or completely faded before you can have the PhiBrows/PhiSombre procedure done. In instances where the previous work is too dark, the brows are uneven or the shape is imprecise, it is recommended that the previous work be removed first.