Mastering the Basics  

6 wks (15 hrs)  | $375.00usd

Are you a beginner who needs more in-depth training over a longer period of time? The Mastering the Basics course is just for you.

The course caters to individuals who have little to no experience with makeup. It is a personal makeup course which means it is geared towards students learning to “master the basics” on themselves. The sessions are scheduled weekly and cover the full makeup application process including brow sculpting, highlighting and contouring, three eye shadow looks and strip lash application.

Includes: Certificate of completion and goody bag



Advancing Your Artistry 

​​6 weeks (16 hrs) | $500.00usd

Prerequisite: Mastering the Basics (Prospective student must have successfully passed this course in order to enroll.)

Have you mastered the basics but want to take your skill set up a notch? Then, your next step should be the Advancing Your Artistry course.

This course will take your personal makeup skills to another level. The sessions cover the full makeup application process with multiple face sculpting methods and four advanced eye shadow looks.

Learn some of the beauty industry’s most coveted tips, tricks and techniques.

Includes: Certificate of completion and goody bag


The Aspiring MUA

12 weeks (36 hrs) | $1500.00usd

Do you want to share your passion for makeup with others? Is enhancing faces your ultimate goal? The Aspiring MUA Course is the perfect way to start fulfilling your purpose.

Over the course of three (3) months, you’ll be immersed in the world of makeup artistry. Via individual, hands-on training, this course has been designed to:

  1. Expose you to extensive product and tool knowledge
  2. Equip you with the skills needed to provide makeup applications for multiple purposes (special occasions, bridal, carnival and commercial)
  3. Assist you with building your brand and portfolio

Includes: Certificate of completion and goody bag